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Tom O'Connor, London, UK

Dear Friend,

Imagine yourself on a treadmill. You're running hard, sweat pouring down your face. You're chasing after success, whether that's wealth, status, or inner peace. But no matter how fast you run, the destination never gets closer. You remain a step behind, a dollar short, a moment away from a breakthrough.

You've tried every trick in the book, followed the advice of 'experts', yet the life you yearn for remains out of reach.

Sound familiar?

If you, like many, are wanting more for your life, more success or more fulfilment; have ever found yourself asking:

  • “What’s wrong with me?”
  • "Why do I feel nothing I do makes a difference?"
  • “What can't I find (and remove) the handbrake that is holding me back?”

You're asking the right questions. And in this letter, I'll answer them.

If you've been tirelessly striving for your desired life, if you're punched in the stomach by failure more times than you care to admit, and are nowhere near where you envisioned yourself to be, at this point in your journey...

... but still hold onto hope ONE DAY things will change; you've arrived at the right place.

It can be hard to quiten the doubting voices when all you notice is the growing gap between your where you are and where you want to be. Between the life you aspire for and the life you have. Progress, even with your best efforts, can seem painfully slow. Sometimes it can feel like you are going backwards.

But what if I told you that the force keeping you stuck, stagnant or drifting ... has been within your grasp to change all along? That once you identify and learn to work with this force, it has the potential to revolutionize your life forever.

Within weeks, you could be making significant strides towards your objectives, making more progress in mere months than you have in years!

All it takes is a single change, a big claim I know but one that you'll shortly see makes sense.

But first, to figure out what's stopping you from having that sucess today, we need to answer an age old question:

"If Humans Possess Vast Potential, Why Do So Few Fail To Realise Even A Small Percentage Of It?"

If you're like most people into self-help students, you've probably spent a lifetime striving for success. You've read countless personal development books, attended many seminars, and perhaps have worked with coaches. Yet, you find yourself falling short of your aspirations.

Confounding, isn't it?

Why does success seem second nature to some, while for others it remains an elusive chimera?

It's not a deficiency of effort or intellect that holds you back. So what's the missing piece that causes others to succeed but keeps you stuck?

The answer is simple - It's your GAME RULES.

Specifically, people who succeed wildly in life, play by DIFFERENT RULES!

Now before you think, "Yea Tom, they cheat!" - I want to be totally clear: this has nothing to do with cheating but it DOES give people who know how to wield this power an enormous edge over their former selves (and others).

If fact, until I first learned about what I am about to tell you, it didn't even occur to me I could change the rules.

As you know, from birth, we've all been programmed to "follow the rules". These programs were installed in us by our parents, our teachers, our friends, popular culture and increasingly, by social media.

These invisible game rules largely operate outside our conscious awareness and kick in before our conscious mind has had a chance to even notice they are operating. And these rules go far beyond simply how you should behave in a given circumstance ("be a good boy/girl", "don't talk back", "wait your turn...", "don't be greedy").

These rules powerfully affect every area of your life.

They encompass who you think we are (our identities), what we are allowed to do and what is forbidden ... and even define our place what we think is possible and impossible for us.

Make no mistake...

Behind Every Thought or Feeling That Stops You Taking Action, There Is A Game Rule Operating.

If you ever found yourself at a loss to understand why you are NOT taking action on something you say is important to you, it's because you have a game rule blocking you. Think of it like buggy code. It literally sends a signal to your brain that stops you!

Our personal game rules wield a formidable influence over our behaviour. If unchecked, they exert massive CONTROL. And operate for the most part outside our conscious awareness.

And just like wandering into a jungle with the wrong map can spell disaster, navigating the intricacies of life's game with the wrong rules can lead to a world of frustration and pain.

In fact, if there is any area of your life where you are not happy with, or if you are dissatisfied with how much you've achieved or not achieved, how connected you feel, how much money you make etc., it's because there is a inhibiting game rule in place.

Thankfully we can change them, as the following case-example shows:

Change The Rules. Change Your Life.

Case Study: The Journey from

'Average Joe' to Joining the

Top 1% of Elite Earners

In Just A Few Short Years...

Amazing things can happen when one learns to transform the game rules that no longer serve us.

In fact, when Michael Breen told me about a recent client example where he's been using this methodology with, I was blown away. See for yourself.

A few years back, a man who had studied a lot of NLP and self-help approached Michael Breen. I'll call him Christopher (not his real name). He wanted to start a new consultancy business.

He had a good job but was keen to leave his current employer and set up for himself. Michael enquired:

Michael: "How much would you like to make in your first year of business?"

Christopher: "It would be great if I could replace my current salary."

Michael: "How much is that?"

Christopher: "About $80K"

Michael delved deeper into Christopher's financial goal; he discovered a web of game rules that Christopher held about money, his market value, and his earning potential. These ingrained belief were suppressing Christopher's potential earnings, acting like a handbrake on his earning potential.

So Michael went to work, helping to flush out the unconscious rules Christopher never realised were having a huge impact and setting very hard 'limits' on himself.

Flash forward a few years, through exploring and redesigning his game rules, Christopher is in the top 1% of earners in his country! And get this, his income is on track for him to earn over $500,000 this year!

When You Change Your Game Rules, Dramatic & Life Changing Results Can Occur Very Fast!

Christopher's case, though extraordinary, underscores a crucial aspect of game rules: altering the right game rule can enable seemingly impossible results.

By changing the right game rule - results you currently think of as impossible for you today, can happen.

Why? Because game rules are like super beliefs that organise entire chunks of behaviours at a higher level, so when you make changes to them, dramatic and life-changing results can occur, very fast.

The inverse is also true, the longer we stay stuck living out 'old rules' that no longer serve us, the longer we live with the handbrake on ourselves firmly on.

No simple belief change technique, value elictation or pretty much anything other standard change technique is going to make a dent. Why? Because even when you 'take out' a belief at a lower level, the higher level game rule can reconfigure and bring the old unwanted pattern right back!

Of course, we don't just have rules about money and finances. We have rules about everything. Relationships, health, love and romance, fitness, spirituality, work and career to name a few.

Each one of us goes around with our own personal set of rules. These rules don't just determine what we will do and not do but dramaticaly affect how we feel. Think of them as a compass that tell you which way to go for pleaseure and which way will lead to pain.

Your game rules also act as a personal scorecard. You could be making millions of dollars per year, have the best houses and cars and still not be happy. (As many wealthy people can confirm.) You could also be making minimum wage and feeling delighted every day ... or working your guts out and going nowhere, deeply frustrated, doing 'busy work', but can't see it is the implicit rules, not the lack of opportunity that keeps you stuck.

So having the right game rules is key to both our success and our sense of fulfillment. Yet up until recently, expert knowledge of how to work with and change our game rules was very hard to come by.

One author, nearly fourty years ago wrote about them, and pretty much nothing else has been done on them since. A lot of things have changed in NLP in the past 40 years and so too has our understanding about how they operate and how to quickly change them. Thanks to Master Trainer Michael Breen, we now have a much deeper and knowledge of how they work.

Michael has spent his entire career taking the very best bits of NLP apart and putting them back together in an integrated way along with designing new tools and distinctions to help his clients learn how to use them in their everyday life, even if they have little or no NLP training!

Recently, I challenged him to share his most current and never before disclosed secrets of how to work with and transform people's game rules. To my delight, he agreed!




What is it?

It's the MASTER KEY to long term success and fulfillment, leveraged by elite change masters for decades but largely unknown to the public. A system quite unlike any other.

Unlike the legion of generic self-help program on the market that are filled with cliches and generic advice, Game Rules is a unique journey in redefining yourself; that goes beyond temporary fixes to facilitate lasting transformation.

This brand-new home-study course is designed for individuals hungry for genuine growth, eager to unlock untapped levels of success and fulfillment, and ready to shatter perceived limitations.

In Game Rules, you will delve into an essential and overlooked aspect of real personal development - examining and redesigning the rules you live by, with Master Trainer Michael Breen as your personal guide.

In this course, you'll learn about the elusive, frequently subconscious hard lines you set for yourself and others set for you, that powerfully govern your behaviours. Defining what you will do, won't do, what's possible and what's impossible for you - and how to change them.

As you are about to discover game rules are the master key to every success and failure. With the right game rules, success becomes so much easier. With the wrong game rules, success becomes near impossible.

And now for the first time ever, Michael Breen reveals how rewrite the 'rules' that have been restraining your potential, limiting your choices, and constricting your vision of what's possible.

It's going to be one heck of a ride. Buckle up and let's get started!

Here's a taste of what you'll learn in this exciting new course:

Big Secrets About 'Changing The Rules'

Only Masters Know

Our personal game rules determine so much of our life. Discover the real secrets of how game rules work, how to identify them and how to you can change them.

Hear is a small taste of what you’ll learn:

Are you making use of one the most powerful tools in your change arsenal when making changes for yourself? Most people aren’t. Find out if you are and how you can use it.

What game rules are and how they organise and control human behaviour.

The sneaky little trick to bring other than conscious game rules into your conscious mind so you can inspect and change them. This works every time.

How our brains are so good at stopping us from seeing possibilities - find out how it works AND how you can change this easily by doing one simple thing.

Understand the powerful role feed forward functions have on creating and sustaining our game rules.

Unmask the illusion: Discover why so many widely held conclusions do NOT support our best interests and how to quickly change them…

Do you suffer from a ‘noisy troll’ inside your head, pulling you down and complaining about the world? Many people do - learn how to tame your troll so you can experience more focus, presence and peace of mind.

Struggling to get your mojo going? Find practical solutions and proven strategies for reawakening what you really want.

Say goodbye to feeling stuck and frustrated, spinning your wheels, getting nowhere! Learn powerful practices to break free from limiting thoughts and rules so you can begin to create a life filled with meaning and true prosperity.

7 powerful questions to help you pin down exactly where and how specific game rule got installed.

Why being a better friend to yourself is so important and so useful if you want to make lasting changes.

A dead simple trick you can do to wire your brain to quickly build new neural connections, so you start to do more of what you want and less of the stuff you don’t want!

Discover how game rules get installed and you can change them unlocking massive growth and new possibilities.

Plus, much more.

Practical Tools to Alter Your Identity…

Some of the most powerful rules we have are those that affect our identity. And in this section of the course Michael will teach you how to work with and alter identity game rules.

You’ll learn:

How ‘identify level’ game rules function and why it is so important to know how to change them when an identity no longer works for you.

The safe way to challenge your own self-concepts and identity level labels.

Do you have the habit of judging yourself poorly? Find out why this is almost certainly holding you back and what to do instead that feels much better.

Say goodbye to identities that hold you back and suppress your potential.

How to spot and alter unconscious identity game rules that no longer serve you.

What to do if you feel surrounded by limitations and challenges. Hint: It’s time to change some game rules!

What to do if you find yourself getting easily annoyed or triggered. This one technique Michael’s been using for decades can save you years of annoyance and frustration!

The smart way to use your internal self-dialogue and imagination for your benefit!

The secret to break free from learned helplessness and embrace a sense of choice and empowerment.

Say goodbye to feeling deeply frustrated, spinning your wheels, and getting no where! Learn powerful practices to break free from limiting thoughts and rules so you can begin to create a life filled with meaning and true prosperity.

Do you ever feel like you are going around the world with a handbrake on but you just can’t seem to find where it is so you can take it off? Let Michael show you how to identify ‘your handbrake’ so you can remove it once and for all.

The #1 attitude you must develop if you want to move through the world unperturbed by challenges and setbacks. This simple change can radically change your whole life.

Unlock the key to a happier and more empowered life by mastering the art of state shifting.

Plus, much more.

With a real handle on how game rules work for you and in others, it’s time to take your ability to change and transform up a level as Michael reveals…

Next-Level Skills to Redesign Yourself

Wherever there are rules, nearby there are supporting beliefs. That’s why, Michael will show you how to alter reinforcing beliefs as you acquire next-level skills to change your life.

You’ll learn:

The surprising truth about what beliefs most people don’t know which makes beliefs vulnerable to being changed (when you know these few little know things).

Why and how you are the architect of your own internal space and how to build it so it fully supports you.

Explore the connection between beliefs, decisions, choices, and game rules - and how they form intricate network within our minds, shaping our reality.

You should eliminate limiting beliefs, right? Wrong, use this brilliant 3 step process to change limiting beliefs fast!

The #1 attitude you must develop if you want to move through the world unperturbed by challenges and setbacks. This simple change can radically change your whole life.

Discover little known tactics and powerful tricks to breaking apart beliefs and generalisations that no longer serve you.

Swipe some of the best personal change tools from Michael’s toolbox he uses to change and transform himself.

Adopt a single practice that can revolutionise your ability to create change for yourself, creating the path to increasingly larger and larger transformations.

Powerful ways to challenge and change deeply ingrained beliefs fast - even if you have struggled to change a belief for years.

4 powerful questions you can ask yourself to help you quickly identify where to intervene in your own life so you can create more of the outcomes you want.

Struggling to get your mojo going? Find practical solutions and proven strategies for overcoming obstacles and creating real change fast.

Say goodbye to grumpiness and discover proven techniques to eliminate its negative impact on your life.

A simple hack to get the brain to reinforce the behaviours and actions you want, which you can literally do in seconds!

3 simple questions that you can ask yourself today to avoid wasting years pursuing things and achieving goals that ultimately hold no real value for you!

Genius! Discover the moment Michael Breen realised Richard Bandler was a genius! And what this taught him about how to make changing beliefs much easier which you can use too.

Brain hack: Harness the power of your imagination to craft rich, detailed fantasies that allow you to create strong states and install new, more empowering, game rules!

Plus, more.

Throughout the course Michael Breen reveals…

Winning Mindsets &

Daily Practices that Unlock


Imagine you, at your very best. That’s what becomes possible when you adopt the winning mindsets and deep inner transformation Michael Breen teaches you in this brand-new course. This is the stuff you won’t find any self-help book or course. These are many of Michael Breen’s best kept change secrets, for "changing the rules!", revealed in-depth for the very first time.

You’ll learn:

The secret to growing more as a person in a year than most people experience in a decade.

Join Michael for a much deeper exploration of transforming your relationships with yourself than you ever experienced, as you invited to disregard old game rules in place of new empowering ones, opening the doors for a profound personal shift.

Access a radical question that has the power to transform the relationship you have with yourself, forever.

The key to transforming your moment-by-moment experience you can practice anywhere.

Flush out hidden game rules by leveraging the power of roles and expectations to light up where game rules are hiding.

Do you find your state pulls you down and ‘takes you out of the game’ before the game has even begun? Learn Michael’s proven method to regain control over one of the most important underutilised assets you have - your emotions!

 Discover why trading 3 things can lead to lightning-fast personal growth and much, much quicker change. (This is the stuff only masters know.)

The one skill essential to deep transformation of yourself … adopt this and you have the power to quickly identify and eliminate the real obstacles that are in your way.

4 powerful questions you can ask yourself to help you quickly identify where to intervene in your own life, so you can create more of the outcomes you want.

Explore how non-verbal communication, used by your audience, can be used to influence people in a very powerful and profound ways … outside of their conscious awareness.

Harness the power of deliberate visualisation to cause the brain to build greater motivation and trigger desire to achieve the things you want.

How to break free from the mental trap of 'defending the suffering' and pave the way to what you really want – discover how the mind's game rules keep people stuck.

3 killer questions Michael recommends you use anytime you want to quickly throw off old patterns that don’t serve you.

How to avoid getting stuck in negative spirals, self-pity, and toxic self-judgement.

Discover how through simple daily practices you can create a more fulfilling life.

How a simple single change to how you start your day, can have profound and lasting benefits for decades to come.

Say goodbye to wishing and hoping for a better future and hello to creating what you want right now with Michael’s proven method.

Unleash Your Inner Master:

Free Your Mind, Master Your Reality, and Propel Yourself to Greater Levels of Success!

Prepare to embark on a transformative journey that will redefine your understanding of success and personal growth. In this section of the course, Michael delves into powerful strategies and insights that have been meticulously designed to help you break free from limiting beliefs, master your mindset, and propel yourself towards unprecedented success.

Get ready to unlock far more of your potential!


You’ll learn: